Why are so many parents and teachers such passionate advocates of the Montessori method of education? Simply put, because it works.

“There was no method to be seen, what was seen was a child
acting according to its own nature.

— Dr. Maria Montessori from Secret of Childhood

The Montessori method was developed by Dr. Maria Montessori in the early 1900’s from her efforts to scientifically study the child’s true nature. She observed children engaging in activities of their own choice in a free context and discovered that under these circumstances young children return to a normal state of being in harmony with their entire environment. These children possessed qualities such as spontaneity, self-discipline, love of order and interest in intellectual activity.


Providing the environment & materials: the Montessori classroom provides the environment and materials the child needs for his personal development, while allowing him the freedom to choose activities according to his interests and readiness in a non-competitive environment.

The teacher’s role as a guide: Dr. Montessori believed that every person must educate himself, therefore a teacher’s role is to merely provide guidance to the student through the learning process. The goal of the teacher should be to cultivate the child’s curiosity, a love for knowledge and a strong desire to learn.

Building close relationships and self-confidence
Children learn by osmosis by working together, giving them the opportunity to be taught by peers as well as to take on the role of teacher. They build close relationships and self-confidence. Scientific studies confirm that all children in a multi-age classroom learn more effectively than in a traditional single age room.

Future success and happiness: the intellectual progress is naturally accompanied by emotional and spiritual growth. The child becomes aware of and learns to love and care for himself and the people and around him. He learns cooperation and gains inner discipline and independence, which leads to a high sense of self-esteem.

Curled from – http://dovesmontessori.com/montessori-education